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In fact, tent camping has been around longer than hammock camping. it’s therefore advisable to choose what works for you. i would, therefore, conclude that this debate of hammocks vs. tents is a win-win for everyone involved since it all depends on what works for you.
Jan 12, 2018 · i will say that for a product branded as a hammock/tent the fact that it doesn’t come with tree straps seems really stupid to me. however, the bug net is included in the hammock itself so you’re ready to go on good-weather days. best for versatile hammock and tent use on trips where weight and bulk aren’t a big concern.
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At the same time, remember hammock camping isn’t always your best choice. if you’re camping in a desert, alpine area, or somewhere else without many trees, you’re likely better off tent camping – or bringing a hammock stand with you. preferred sleep style. the best hammock for side sleepers is different than the best model for back ...

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