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The idea behind dutchtentsuk is quite simply to liberate primarily pyramid style stormtents from their former dutch owners and supply them into the uk for campers who appreciate the quality and want the durability of high quality all cotton canvas tents. every tents is inspected at point of purchase in the netherlands and again prior to sale once back in the uk and every attempt is
Pyramids in turkey. mt nemrut, kahta is a natural mountain (2150m), with a 50 metre artificial peak built on top. it was constructed as a tomb for king antinochus i during the period 80 b.c-72 b.c. if pyramids are meant to represent mountains, the builders of this one have gone a step further by placing it on top of a real mountain.
This is more a problem with modified pyramids than with pyramid tents in general. originally, pyramid tents were much taller. they shed rain and snow and have plenty of room. take a look at a chouinard pyramid, a black diamond megamid, an mld supermid, or any of the oware pyramids. they all are about 8×8 and have a six foot center pole.
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